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DiaSecure Insulin Pen Holder Flents Kid's Carry-All Case Flents Preloaded Syringe Carrying Case
DiaSecure Insulin Pen Holder
Our Price: $10.59

Flents Kid's Carry-All Case
Our Price: $10.99

DiaSecure makes sure you always have your daily dose of insulin, hypodermic needles and oral medicine on hand and takes care of the used needles. Flents Diabetic Kid's Carry-All Case has compartments for all of your essential diabetic supplies including vials of insulin, alcohol wipes, syringes, glucose meter and test strips. This is a must-have case for all kids! This Preloaded Syringe Carrying Case looks like a pen, that discreetly carries your insulin anywhere. The inside is adaptable to securely hold syringes from 3/10 to 1 cc . Easy to use, easy to store.

Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetic Care carries all the major brand name diabetic glucose testing strips, including: Arkray Vital Test Strips, Accu-Check AVIVA Plus diabetes testing strips, Bayer Ascensia Breeze 2 Test Strips, Ascensia Contour Testing Strips, and FreeStyle Lite Test Strips, One Touch Ultra Test Strips, and TRUEtrack diabetic test strips.