Diabetes Insurance Reimbursement Information
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Diabetes Insurance Reimbursement Information

In this page you can find the information and resources you will need to submit your paid invoices to your insurance company in order to get reimbursed for your diabetic supplies.

NOTE: each insurance company may have different requirements. This page is intended to be informational only. This page serves as guide only, for all the requirements you should contact your insurance company and/or your healthcare professionals.

Provider information

  • Name: DiabeticCare c/o The Reserve
  • Address: 4940 W. 77th St., Edina, MN 55435
  • Tel: (888) 320-2491
  • TAX ID number: 84-1695476

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS Code):

  • Glucose Test Strips – A4253
  • Glucose Meter – E0607
  • Control Solution – A4256
  • Erectile Dysfunction Device - L7900
  • Insulin Infusion Sets – A4221/A4230
  • Insulin Pump – E0784
  • Lancet Device - A4258
  • Lancets – A4259
  • Reservoirs- K0552

Diagnosis Code

Below are some of the common diabetes related diagnosis codes. Your physician can provide you with your diagnosis code.

  • 250.03 Type I, uncontrolled
  • 250.01 Type I, not stated as uncontrolled
  • 250.02 Type II, uncontrolled
  • 250.00 Type II, not stated as uncontrolled